How to Apply Eyeshadow Flawlessly


The latest eyeshadow application craze may seem a little odd at first…but through personal experience, I can tell you it’s very effective.

When blending eyeshadow it can be difficult to achieve a smooth clean look. Also, winging out eyeliner can be a nightmare. There are times where my skin turns red from erasing and reapplying my liner over and over.

The solution? It’s quick and easy…and also kind of weird. Scotch tape! Before applying eyeshadow apply an inch and a half long piece of scotch tape on an angle parallel to the outside of your eye. A good starting point is the end of your eyebrow.

Next, apply your eyeshadow as if the tape wasn’t there. Then peel the tape off and you’ll be left with a perfect looking eyeshadow shape. And when you go to apply your liner you can follow the shape of your shadow to make sure you’re drawing your line straight and seamlessly.

One very important tip is to make sure you apply foundation and other face makeup after you peel off the tape, otherwise the adhesive will remove your foundation along with it.

This tip may seem a little strange and if anyone sees you doing it they will undoubtedly question your sanity; however, it’s a great way to make your eye makeup look like a professional did it.




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