5 Delicious Green Alternatives for the Kale-Haters of the World


Kale is a superfood that has become so popular and trendy in the last year, even Queen Beyoncé herself has paid homage to the veggie. But kale is definitely not for everyone: a lot of people simply don’t like the taste of it.

For those of you that have really tried to immerse yourselves in the hype, but just can’t get on board with the trend, here are five healthy green alternatives:  

Green Juice

Those two words may sound unnatural put together, but green juice a delicious new trend. Green juices are a great, creative, way to get your daily dose of nutrient-rich fruits and veggies. Sometimes these juices contain kale in them, but you can ask for no kale or another vegetable as a kale substitute.


Spinach, a superfood like kale, is a great low-calorie kale alternative. Spinach is similar to kale in that it contains doses of vitamins A and C, but it has a more mild taste. Make a spinach salad or toss a handful in your morning smoothie to benefit from all this veggie has to offer.


For those of us that can only eat our vegetables mixed with other foods, broccoli is the perfect option. A lighter taste and texture than kale, broccoli can easily be thrown into a pasta dish or baked into a casserole. Plus, broccoli is loaded with vitamin C and potassium which is great for your heart and immune system.  


Whether it’s guac at Chipotle, or avocado toast at brunch with friends, avocados simply cannot be overlooked. They are packed with heart-healthy fatty acids, and have more potassium than a banana–so they’re super healthy for you!


These pod-filled soybeans are a great alternative to kale. Edamame contain 17 grams of protein per serving, which means they nourish your body and keep you feeling full. Enjoy them boiled and lightly salted or baked with olive oil as a side dish at lunch or dinner.

The most important thing with the vegetable alternatives is that you enjoy what you’re eating. If you don’t like some of the foods that are healthy for you, find other delicious fruit and vegetable alternatives that can benefit you and your body.

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