Fashion Items That Are Worth the Extra Money


You walk into the mall and you see it: that must-have designer bag displayed beautifully right in the front window. But is it really a must-have?

When deciding when to spend and when to save, keeping a budget can be hard. It can take months to save up the for a new pair of designer shoes! But are budget-friendly lower end products really a better bargain than their name-brand counterparts? We’ll help you find out!


A good rule of thumb when it comes to knowing how much to spend on shoes is if you’ll wear them a lot, get good ones! Cheap shoes can be a nightmare for your feet, leading to discomfort, crammed toes, and blisters–and then you’ll never wear them as much as you had hoped. That’s not to say that super pricy designer heels are necessarily a smart shop, but if you’re in the market for a new everyday shoe don’t be afraid to save a little extra to get a nice, well-made pair. You’ll get better arch support, quality materials, and greater comfort.


Nice purses are the vice of many women, and it’s no wonder why. With designers revitalizing their lines nearly every season and trends changing with the wind, falling in love with a new bag is almost as easy as going to the mall in the first place. However, knowing when to say no is a little trickier with this one–a cheap handbag will hold your stuff just as nicely a designer brand, and almost every major budget retailer carries their own brand of cute inexpensive purses. If you find a bag that you just have to have, then by all means save up and go for it! But if you discover each month that your purse budget is way smaller than the number of bags on your wishlist, consider splurging on one good everyday bag that will stay in style and then invest in cheaper purses from retailers when you want a new, trendy bag.


Many people think that name-brand, designer makeup is the only way to go. And while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, if you don’t have the budget for that every few months, it may be worth it to explore other options. Drug store brands have upped their game in the last few years and have made products just as vibrant, silky, and high quality as any designer brand out there. You can find formulas almost identical to designer brands for half the price!

While trends are fun to follow and collecting cute new accessories and beauty products is really exciting, being a savvy spender is super important. No trend out there is worth going broke over! But if you save wisely and consider what you’ll really get use out of, splurging can be a nice reward for all your hard work. Just make sure you’re spending on items that will stay classics in your wardrobe to avoid buyer’s remorse!

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