Facial Hair Treatment Options for Women


When I was 16 years old, an abnormally long hair grew on my neck. Thinking nothing of it, I plucked it out. A couple of days later, the hair was back and brought a couple of friends with it. Six years later, I have a few, but noticeable thick black hairs on my neck. 

While I have never been the most confident person, the facial hair on my neck has definitely made me more self-conscious. I constantly feel the need to hold my hand under my chin or wear big sweaters to cover my embarrassing facial hair. This problem has affected the way I connect with others: instead of listening to what a friend is saying, I am wondering if she can see my hairs. 

I have tried a couple of hair removal methods throughout the years. Plucking worked in the beginning, but now then too much hair grew and so I switched to hair removal cream.While hair removal creams work on a temporary basis, I, and other women in similar situations, want a long-term solution. Here are some long-term treatments for women with facial hair that I have learned about through various doctor’s appointments.


This is the treatment I am currently using and it seems to be working so far. Vaniqa is a cream that slows down the growth of facial hair in women. It does not permanently get rid of facial hair. What I have noticed from my own experience is that instead of using a facial hair removal cream once a week, Vaniqa has helped to slow down the growth to needing hair removal cream once every two weeks. This seems to be one of the cheaper solutions to women’s facial hair. While this is not a permanent solution, it has helped me gain some confidence back. 

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most permanent option for anyone that wants hair removed from any part of their body. Depending on the woman and the extent of her unwanted hair, a couple laser hair removal appointments may be needed before the hair is gone. Laser hair removal can be expensive and increase in price depending on the area, the thickness of your hair, and how many appointments will be needed for complete removal.

Birth Control and Other Prescription Drugs

Sometimes facial hair is a product of a hormone issue. Therefore birth control and other women’s hormone treatments may be the solution. There are certain pills your doctor can prescribe that once taken regularly can decrease or eliminate your facial hair problems,

While facial hair can get you many stares and hurt your self-esteem, I have learned that self-esteem and confidence comes from within. I want to remove this facial hair, not because of the stares I get, but because I lose confidence as a result of the unwanted hair. By seeking treatment for this facial hair, I feel like I am becoming more confident and comfortable with myself again.

If you are in the same boat as me, consider making an appointment with your doctor or a specialist to talk about the treatment options that will work best for you.

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