How to Dress Comfortably During the Busiest Time of the Year


With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the pressure is on. Whether you are worrying about finals and the end of a busy semester or if you are running around trying to find last minute gifts and prep for parties, this time of year is super stressful. And you definitely don’t need your outfit to stress you out even further: you should be able to dress comfortably with ease to get through your busy days leading up to the holidays.

Here are some tips to help you out:

Keep boots off of your feet and in your closet.

First, put all your boots–no matter the size, type, or style–away in your closet and leave them there. There is absolutely no room for sore feet or blisters when you have a million other things to worry about and a lot of walking to do. Now is the time to bust out your UGGs or moccasins to help keep you comfy as you deal with all of the physical stress of the season.

Embrace the messy bun.

Fortunately, buns are in style. But, they are also the perfect hairstyle to choose during stressful times. They cut down on hair time in the morning, giving you valuable minutes back in the day to put to good use.

Love your layers.

Layers  should be your best friends during this time of year. Layers keep you warm and cozy while still giving you the flexibility to remain cool if needed. Plus, layering is super easy to do and also cuts down time in your morning routine–so throw on a t-shirt and sweater and get ready to conquer the holiday season one day at a time!

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