DIY Spa Day in 5 Simple Steps


I’ve never turned down an opportunity to go to the spa. But, spa treatments are expensive and therefore I don’t get to go as often as I’d like. The good thing is that replicating professional sessions at home is really easy!

Here is your step-by-step DIY spa day guide:

Step 1: Stock Up on Linens

Fluffy towels and bathrobes are the first step to feeling luxurious! Make sure that each person has one robe and at least two towels.

Tip: Toss the linens into the dryer beforehand so they are fluffy and warm.

Step 2: Set Up the Entertainment

While most spas traditionally have relaxing music, the beauty of at-home spa days is you can entertain yourself however you want. Have your friends decide whether or not you want to plug in your favorite playlist or watch a movie in the background (any movie starring Ryan Gosling is pre-approved!).  

Step 3: Get All Your Favorite Drinks and Snacks

Any good hostess knows that food is must! The perfect spa day menu would include small sandwiches, chips, fruit platters, cookies, and brownies–anything that can be classified as finger food! And you can’t about forget the cocktails!

Try out our delicious Pom Punch as the ultimate fruity cocktail to help you unwind and relax.

Step 4: Make Homemade Face Masks

Homemade face masks are super easy to make and they also cost less than store bought ones. There are a ton of recipes out there that you can choose from, depending on your skin needs. My personal favorite recipe is honey, raw oats, and yogurt. Apply with your fingertips and gently exfoliate your skin and then rinse off with warm water.

Need ideas for natural foods to use in your facial masks? Check out our suggestions here.

Step 5: Don’t Forget Manicures and Pedicures

To complete your relaxing day, do each other’s nails to finish pampering yourself.

  1. Get a bowl of warm water, to soak and soften cuticles.
  2. File and shape nails.
  3. Get your favorite polish, apply two coats, and a top coat and you’re done.

Tip: You’ll want to leave your manicures for last, so that you don’t mess up your nails throughout the rest of your spa day experience.

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