DIY Lip Scrub


Your lips deserve a little extra love during dry seasons to prevent cracking and build up of dry skin. Lips should always be included in your skincare routine. The skin on your lips is much thinner than skin anywhere else on your body which leaves them extra vulnerable to the elements! Exfoliating your lips with a scrub can restore softness and moisture to protect your pout from dryness and flaking this winter.

Adding a lip scrub to your skincare routine is super easy by using a few household items. Here’s how to make your own customized scrub:

Step 1: Choose a Base


Coconut Oil

If you want to moisturize and repair your overly dry skin then coconut oil is the base for you. Coconut oil is known for its amazing moisturizing properties.


If you want to protect your lips from getting dry then you’ll want to use honey as your base. The thick consistency of honey can create a barrier between your smile and the elements, keeping your lips smooth and hydrated.

Step 2: Add Sugar

Sugar adds a coarse element into the mix which will do the actual exfoliating and strip away dead skin cells. Depending on what kind of texture you like your scrubs to have, Sugar in the Raw can deliver an invigorating feel to your scrub because of the larger crystals. But finer grains of brown sugar work as well as a softer, yet still effective, scrub.

Step 3: Pick an Essential Oil

While this step is optional, adding in essential oils is a great way to enhance your scrub. A splash of peppermint can stimulate the skin and bring your lips to life. Lavender or tea tree oil can calm and help heal any irritation brought on by dryness. You can even feel free to add in citrus or vanilla to include some aromatherapy in your scrub!

Customizing your homemade lip scrub can be a great way of turning a sour situation like chapped lips into a super fun DIY project. You can tailor your lip scrub to exactly what you need and even swap recipes with your friends!

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