Daily Habits for Longer, Stronger, Healthier Eyelashes


Naturally long and thick eyelashes are the envy of the beauty world, but they don’t just happen overnight. Like your hair, your lashes need daily care in order to grow long, strong, and healthy. Here are some simple daily do’s and don’ts that will help keep your lashes long and luscious like you’ve always dreamed:

DO: Completely remove your mascara

Every night before you go to sleep use a gentle makeup remover to get off all of your eye makeup. If left on, the stiffness from your mascara can cause your lashes to become brittle and weak, so make sure you get all of it!

DON’T: Rub Your Eyes

Tugging your lashes or rubbing your eyes can cause damage. Your lash roots are very fragile and can break or damage easily, so make sure to take caution when touching your lashes.

DON’T: Use an eyelash curler incorrectly

Pulling on your eyelids is not the proper way to use an eyelash curler.  Your eyelashes are much easier to break with this tool, so use it carefully and gently.

DO: Remove clumps from your mascara

It is important to remove clumps from your mascara while it is still wet. The stiffness and heaviness of the clump on your lash if it dries will make it break that much easier, so it is best to brush through your mascara while it’s easy to do.

DO: Condition your lashes

Just like your hair, your eyelashes need conditioner to help prevent breakage. This can be done by using a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your lids at night. You may also want to consider an over-the-counter eyelash conditioner if your lashes are particularly thin or weak. These conditioners tend to come with other ingredients that will help strengthen and grow your lashes.

DON’T: Use a home remedy you haven’t researched

Using a miracle product from the drug store or a home remedy you haven’t look into could cause major damage. The side effects from some products can be disastrous from eyelashes falling out to irritation. Do your own research, know your own skin sensitivities, be smart, and don’t use anything you’re not one hundred percent sure of.

DO: Replace your mascara

Keep your eyes free of infection by getting a new tube of mascara every three to six months. This helps you get a fresh start with mascara that is free of germs which could infect your eyes or your lash follicles. If you’ve just had pink eye or any other eye-related illness, toss any makeup you used during that time because you don’t want that bacteria getting back into your eyes!

You don’t have to take drastic or expensive measures in order to get stronger, healthier lashes. All it takes is a little daily love and care to have you looking and feeling gorgeous!

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