Are You Washing Your Hair Too Much?


For many, washing hair is part of a daily routine–starting or ending the day with a freshly shampooed head is essential. But washing your hair every day may actually be doing more harm. Lay off the daily lathering and find out why you should give your locks a break.

Using too much shampoo can cause problems.

When you wash your hair everyday you run through your products much faster. Laying off the shampoo for a day or two could mean saving in your monthly toiletry costs. But using shampoo daily can also strip your hair of its necessary nourishment. Washing too much may mean that your hair tends to be a bit dry, dull, or on the brittle side This is due to a lack of natural oils, which are stripped when you wash, that keep your tresses nourished and strong. When you don’t give the oils enough time to work their way down the hair shaft, your hair pays the price.

Curly and straight hair wash differently.

With curly hair, natural oils take more time to travel down your strands so washing a few times a week is good. However, natural oils have an easier time traveling down straight strands so you may want to wash every other day or every two days.

Don’t wash chemically or color-treated hair too often.

Chemically-treated hair is a bit more fragile, obviously due to the chemicals in the hair. A once-a-week wash is best to keep it looking and feeling great.  Remember to use products specifically tailored to chemically-treated hair since this hair type will be vulnerable to anything too strong.

With color-treated hair you want to avoid fading but also clean your hair, so two washes a week is a good starting place. Once again, it is very important to look for products for color-treated hair because others can cause the color to fade quicker whereas products for your needs will make sure each wash is effective.

You know your hair best, so if something doesn’t feel or look right you should change your washing regimen in order to get the results you want. For more healthy washing information, check out this article on how to wash your hair the right way.

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