An Ode to Traveling: Why You Need to Get Out and Explore


Beyond the closed door of your apartment, is a whole world waiting for you, what is stopping you from exploring it? Is it your job? Is it your expenses? Is it fear of the unknown?

Traveling is a magnificent experience, that everyone should embrace at least once or twice in their life (if not much more!). Traveling is more than just visiting a new place, it’s about meeting amazing people, making connections, getting to know yourself, trying new things, and stressing less.

Traveling grants you the freedom to get to explore what’s around you. With both the good things and the bad things you may encounter, traveling makes you wiser; you become a storyteller and become more understanding of what it truly means to be human (hint: it’s not just about paying bills and making it through the day).

There are many benefits physical and mental benefits of traveling, too. Having the ability to just let go and wind down for a bit with no deadlines or responsibilities will immensely improve your mood. Slowing down and looking around can also help keep you in the present and not worrying about the future. Sometimes when we get to caught up in the rush of everyday life, we lose focus and forget that we’re only young once so we should be fully embracing the here and now.

Traveling gives you an excuse to be lazy. While some people go on hikes or engage in sports, many people chose to sit on the beach or wander around looking for the perfect cafe. You can absolutely chill inside a hammock underneath the swaying palm trees of Hawaii all day long because guess what, you’re on vacation!

Another benefit of traveling is helping you learn about yourself and connecting with your thoughts and feelings about life. Exposing yourself to new foods, hobbies, occupations, crowds, or locations can help you learn thing about yourself that you didn’t know before. Who knows, maybe after you make a trip to California, you decide that is the place you were meant to be all along and choose to move there. Or maybe when you try Tex-Mex for the first time, burritos start to become your go-to meal. The possibilities for self-growth are endless!

Lastly, traveling will also make you realize how little you know about the world: which is a good thing! There’s more to the world then what you watch on TV, read in textbooks, and see in pictures. There is more to life than you know. So go outside, pick a place, immerse yourself in a new experience, and learn about life–and hopefully you’ll discover a little piece of  yourself along the way too.

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Ashley is a CUNY Queens College student majoring in Media Studies and Film. She has an eye for photography and a passion for traveling. When she is not blogging, you can catch her hiking, biking, or spending her days in coffee shops.

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