6 Winter Workout Essentials


While the winter months bring plenty of fun traditions, skipping your workout shouldn’t be one of them. We’re bringing you the best pieces to add to your fitness wardrobe this season from head to toe to make sure cold days don’t halt your fitness goals.

1. Ear Warmers

In cold temperatures, heat tends to be lost through extremities like your ears. To prevent this from happening, it is an absolute must that you cover them up. Ear warmers come in various styles based on your preferences. To ensure that your tunes aren’t sacrificed, try fleece earmuffs with built in headphones. Or if you’re worried about your hair falling in your face, try one that acts like an insulating headband.

2. High-Neck Running Jacket

While they remain a staple to all cold weather closets, scarves might not be the most comfortable option for a workout. So try a thin running jacket or sweater with a high neck instead. After layering up with a long sleeve shirt, this jacket will provide you the warmth and coverage you need for your neck and face without restricting your movement. Some brands even have thumbholes to ensure that your sleeves don’t ride up as you workout.

3. Gloves

Gloves are an obvious, but necessary winter workout accessory. Your fingers, like your ears, are extremities that are more susceptible to getting cold fast (a surefire way to ruin a workout). A pair of insulated gloves can ensure a warm workout–plus, if you get gloves that are touchscreen compatible you can control your phone and music easily while on a run.

4. Thermal Leggings

Sometimes sweatpants can drag, sag, or bag, which is not ideal during a workout that demands 100% mental focus. Make the switch over to a pair of thermal leggings–lined with fleece, they keep the cold out while allowing for the quick release and drying of sweat. Many leggings are made with bright or reflective fabric which serve to keep you safe as you traverse the elements. As an added bonus, some brands even provide a zippered pocket in the back or down the side of the leggings so you can safely stow away your phone, keys, ID, or other valuables.

5. Insulated Socks

If heading out into snow or slush, your feet are likely to get damp. And who wants cold, wet feet when working out? No one! By absorbing excess moisture and providing and thick layer of heat retaining fabric, thermal running socks will keep those toes nice and dry. These socks are offered in different colors, lengths, and thickness so you can make sure you are comfortable (and fashionable!) during your workout.

6. Water-Resistant Sneakers

If you find yourself running outside during snowy winter conditions, consider investing in a pair of sneakers that have a sturdy sole and a durable finish. Not only will they keep icy water from seeping into your soles, they will also provide better traction on slippery surfaces.

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