5 Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair


Everyone has hair on their body, and almost everyone has experienced unwanted hair. The thing about unwanted hair is that it will always grow back no matter how badly we don’t want it to. Although no one should ever feel pressured to remove hair that they don’t have a problem with, sometimes it can become too much to handle. Read ahead to learn more about five common hair removal methods and how they compare.


The most common hair removal method is shaving. Most girls are given a razor and a can of shaving cream during puberty, and that’s what they stick with. If you choose to use a razor, make sure to always use a shaving cream or gel to avoid small cuts. Also, be sure not to use dull blades, which can cause irritation to the skin, don’t get as close of a shave, and can also cause nicks. Go slow while shaving; working in short upward strokes, cleaning out hair and shaving cream between strokes. Try to apply lotion or a nice body butter after shaving to help keep your skin smooth.


Waxing can seem scary at first, which is understandable considering a technician swipes hot wax on your skin and then rips it off once it’s cooled. But waxing isn’t actually as bad or as painful as it seems. Although there are at-home waxing kits, it’s best to go to a trained technician for your first time. Hair usually doesn’t grow back for three to six weeks, depending on your natural hair growth cycle. Be sure to follow your technician’s advice on aftercare to prevent any ingrown hairs.


Cream hair removal is similar to waxing, except instead of ripping off the hair, chemicals pull out the hair all way to the follicle. This type of hair removal usually lasts between two to four weeks, depending on your hair. Be sure to follow all instructions on the package of the cream removal before using it. The most important thing to remember to do is to test out the product on a small area at least twenty four hours before applying fully to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions.


Tweezing is effective because it removes hair by the root, similar to waxing. However, tweezing is really only ideal for small areas, or for going in after another hair removal method to remove a few strays. Tweezing is especially great for any brow grooming. Expect hair to grow back around two to three weeks after plucking.


A common misconception about laser hair removal is that it’s one hundred percent permanent. Unfortunately, laser hair removal only lasts a few years before some hairs start to grow back. The process can also be expensive. Before investing in it make sure to thoroughly research the process to decide whether or not it’s for you. You should also consult a technician and be sure to fully understand the procedure before making any decisions.

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