5 Reasons You Need a Workout Buddy


Working out requires motivation, dedication, and an understanding of how to keep your body safe throughout your routines. Workout buddies are amazing people who help you get to the gym and through your workout, all the while ensuring that your posture is correct and that you aren’t causing damage to your body. Don’t have a workout buddy? Here are five reasons why you should get one!

1. Support

It can be very difficult when you start a workout routine. Sometimes the time constraints are a problem, and other times the  results cannot come fast enough. When you are feeling low or like giving up, a friend can provide that helping hand to get you to the gym and through your workout. This workout buddy can provide the encouragement you need to stay dedicated to your health. Support can make the difference between staying on track and giving up, and your friend will be determined to help you reach your goals.

2. Workout Options

Two minds are better than one! While you are on Pinterest, Instagram, and pulling up “how to” websites, your friend can as well. You can compare notes and ideas, creating workout routines that will help you reach your goals and won’t become boring. The same workout over and over can become so boring that a person might give up. When the workout varies and continues to challenge you, that’s when it the most enjoyable and rewarding.

3. Safety

A pulled muscle or sore joint can ruin a routine. You need to heal before being able to continue, and this can be a major setback on your road to a healthier you. Being aware of the proper postures and not pushing yourself beyond your limits are both very important. But how else can you ensure that you are working out in the safest way possible? A workout buddy can spot you, help you adjust your posture, and provide advice on what might be too much. It is important for you and your workout partner to understand the proper way to complete a workout and to be able to recognize signs of injury.

4. Friendly Competition

Encouragement is a great way to keep one another moving. Partners can push one another to workout harder and longer with friendly competition. It should never get to the point of ignoring safety and limitations, but a good workout buddy can help you improve and strive for a healthier lifestyle. This competition can provide motivation for greater achievements for both of you.

5. Accountability

If you’re too tired to get to the gym, no one would know, right? Not if you have a workout buddy! This person will provide accountability, making it harder to get out of a workout. You are more likely to workout according to a schedule if you think of it as part of a routine or if you have to answer to another person. Your buddy will encourage you to get to the gym and might be relying on you to complete his or her own workout. You wouldn’t want to let your friend down! So lace up your shoes, grab a friend, and hit the gym.

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