5 Insanely Helpful Fashion Apps


Technology is a beautiful thing–now, a little device in your purse can help you have the fashion world at your fingertips. How exactly? Fashion apps! These five fashion apps are easy to use and will help you maximize your style potential.

1. Like to Know It

Like to Know It lets you shop your favorite fashionista’s style straight from their Instagram photos. Now you don’t have to do the hard work of tracking down each individual item of clothing yourself. Simply sign into the Like to Know It app with your email and sync it with your Instagram. Any photo you like on Instagram with a Like to Know It link will make the app send you an email with the ready-to-shop product links for that outfit. It’s Insta-spiration at its finest!

2. Stylebook

Stylebook is a handy little app that lets you virtually organize your wardrobe and create outfits from what you own–just like Cher Horowitz in Clueless! Take pictures of your clothing and upload then to the app; then you can then crop out the backgrounds and create magazine collages of outfits different outfit combinations. The app has tons of features like a calendar for planning when to wear outfits, packing lists, shopping, and an inspiration library to make sure you always look your best.

3. FAD – The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary

Ever need to know what epaulets or hounds tooth is? FAD can help you out! FAD is a comprehensive fashion dictionary of over 1,500 entries of fashion-related terms. Organized by categories like Accessories, Footwear, and Labels, FAD makes it easy to find the answer to all of your fashion-term questions to make you an expert in the fashion world. Plus, the app runs offline, so it won’t destroy your data plan to use it.

4. Keep Shopping

Keep Shopping is here to encourage your mobile shopping addiction because it is an incredible universal shopping cart. Add items from any store online into one cart, and then check out with that cart. It’s so easy–one and done! Because Keep Shopping also streams suggested picks, it lets you collect and organize the items you’re keeping for later–plus, it will alert you when the items in your cart go on sale.

5. Polyvore

In case you don’t already have enough sources of outfit inspiration, here is one more app for that: Polyvore lets you inspire others and be inspired. Create original styles that you can share and also search for outfits and products you want to wear with ready-to-buy links to each piece. You can shop the latest trends and get fashion tips and inspiration on how to wear any article of clothing. The more you use the Polyvore app, the smarter it becomes; turning it into a personal stylist in the palm of your hand.

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