5 Easy 15-Minute Workouts You Need in Your Life


Finding time to exercise during the week can be a challenge. With all of things you have to do for work or for school, not to mention all the other meetings, activities, and social gatherings you have in your calendar, working out can easily get pushed to the side. Enter the 15-minute workout: a quick, easy, and efficient set of exercises that can be done at-home in just 15 minutes. All of the following exercise routines can be done at home, with or without equipment. Feel free to use weights or resistance bands for an extra burn!

The 5-4-3-2-1 Total Body Workout

This workout engages multiple muscle groups. It does not account for breaks but make sure to take them when needed!

  • 5 minutes of cardio. This can be any kind that you prefer, including jumping jacks, running in place, high-knees, front kicks, or jogging.
  • 4 minutes of lunges, walking lunges, or mountain climbers.
  • 3 minutes of lower body. Try for three full minutes of squats, jump squats, plie squats, or lunges.
  • 2 minutes of arms. This can be push-ups, diamond push-ups, tricep dips, or arm circles.
  • 1 minute plank. Stay strong for a full minute in your favorite plank hold.

The Strong Arms Workout

Want lean arms but don’t have time to run to the gym? Do 30 reps of each and rest for one minute between each move.

  • 30 tricep dips (1 minute rest)
  • 30 pushups (1 minute rest)
  • 30-second plank (1 minute rest)
  • 30 diamond pushups (1 minute rest)
  • 30 plank shoulder taps

The Runner’s Workout

Runners can warm up, cool down, or tone up between training days with this quick-and-easy workout. Like the arm exercise above, do each move followed by a minute of rest.

  • 30 walking lunges (1 minute rest)
  • 30 squats (1 minute rest)
  • 30 fire hydrants, 15 each side (1 minute rest)
  • 30 burpees (1 minute rest)
  • 1 minute of mountain climbers

The 5-4-3-2-1 Leg Workout

Strengthen up those legs at home, at the office, or between classes!

  • 5 minutes of standing calf raises
  • 4 minutes of lying hip thrusts/raises
  • 3 minutes of lateral lunges (side lunges)
  • 2 minutes of your favorite type of squats
  • 1 minute of downward dog

The Core-Toning Workout

Can’t forget about your core! Try 30 seconds of reps of each, followed by minute-long rests.

  • 30 Superman lifts (1 minute rest)
  • 30 Russian twists (1 minute rest)
  • 30 bicycle crunches (1 minute rest)
  • 30 seconds of boat pose (1 minute rest)
  • 30 seconds of your favorite type of plank

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