4 Ways to Feel More Comfortable Going Braless


If we’re being honest, there is no real medical need for bras; they don’t prevent sagging, nor do they prevent breast cancer. If we’re being really honest, bras can be a horrible, uncomfortable, and expensive nuisance.

Choosing to go braless can be a freeing and empowering decision, although it can feel intimidating to take the first step. Using these tips can help make the transition to going braless a lot less of a pain in the bust.

1. Start small

Rather than foregoing bras completely, try taking baby steps and invest in bralettes and crop tops. A bralette is a bra that does not have wires or cups. It’s similar to a sports bra, but with less support. This can be great for people new to going braless because it still provides some support (and can cover up your nipples), while being less structured than a regular bra.

Crop tops provide about the same level of support as bralettes and they are also usually designed to be worn without bras, which can help get you accustomed to that feeling.

2. Layer up

Usually the biggest complaint that women make when they first start going braless is how conscious they are of their breasts moving. To help alleviate some of this paranoia, try wearing layers on the days you’re going without a bra. Wearing a loose top with a scarf and cardigan can help hide a lot of the excess movement until you become more comfortable with your body.

The layers can also hide nipples in case of rain, a cool breeze, or an air conditioned room.

3. Wear tops with built-in bras

Another way to become more comfortable not wearing a bra is to wear tops with built-in bras or cups.  Similar to crop tops, these shirts are also designed to be worn without bras and will help you become more comfortable without the support of an ordinary bra.

Wearing these tops can also help you get into the routine of not putting on a bra in the morning, which can itself be a difficult habit to break.

4. Be confident

Being confident in yourself is the number one way to feel more comfortable without a bra. Women often worry about the looks or comments they will receive for choosing to not wear a bra. While these issues may occur, it is easy to ignore the disapproval of strangers when you keep in mind that you are not going braless for them, you’re doing it for yourself. If someone stares at you, stare right back.

It’s also important to remember that if you’re new go going braless, your nervous state could also make you hyper-sensitive to the emotions and reactions to people around you.

More than anything, remember that choosing to go braless can be a nerve-wracking journey and might not be for everyone, but the comfort you’ll gain and money you’ll save will be totally worth it.

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