4 Tips for Flawless Eyeshadow


In the makeup world, eyeshadow takes any look to the next level. However, not everyone can be a master in the art of perfect eyeshadow application. With all of the various brushes and shadow palettes, it is easy to call it quits quickly. But before you do that, take a look at these simple tips for a flawless look every time.

Prime Your Eye

For the perfect eyeshadow look, primer must become your new best friend. Gently cover your eyelids with an even coat of primer in order to prevent the natural oils in your skin from mixing into your shadow. This results in more vibrant and long lasting look. NYX carries Proof It Eyeshadow Primer, which is a great option for anyone not looking to break the bank: it sells at Ulta for only $7. If you are in a hurry, any under the eye concealer works as a perfect substitute for eyeshadow primer!

Apply Natural Colors

To avoid a clown-look-alike disaster, stick to natural eyeshadow colors. Choose palettes that complement your unique skin tone. Use a light hand to apply a nice transition color at the creases of your eyes: a nude color works best. Avoid harsh colors right away. Eyeshadow application should be a gradual process; you can always add more. Makeup Revolution’s Flawless Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette offers amazing warm, rich nudes and browns for a gorgeous natural look every time.

Always Use a Brush

Everyone seems to forget how vital the correct brush is for all makeup application. For eyeshadow specifically, there are numerous brush types and sizes needed for each step. Precision brushes are a must because the small bristles allow you to add more dimension to your look. But when applying the main eyeshadow color, you want to use a dense brush for control.

Highlight Your Brow Bone

When you are satisfied with your shadow, don’t forget to highlight your brow bone. Using a dense brush and natural color, gently glide along the underneath of your brow. Make sure to blend in the color for a polished and smooth look.

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