4 Smart Ways to Drink More Water


Water helps hydrate your body and aids in properly flushing out toxins, along with many other intriguing benefits. Doctors often tout the importance of drinking water, but few explore the many ways to incorporate drinking into your everyday life. Below are a few tips to encourage you to increase your intake and live a little healthier.

Replace Soft Drinks With Water

Many of us will reach for a sugary or acidic drink when we’re thirsty. While you may think a soda will quench your thirst, water actually does a much better job. Water efficiently and effectively hydrates our bodies, unlike sugar-filled or caffeinated drinks that only make you more thirsty or lead to crashes later in the day. Water also helps give us energy, helping replenish and properly nourish your body’s cells.

Drink Water During Meals

Drinking water with your meals is also important to consider because it helps you hydrate without any extra effort. Water with your food will not only save you a couple bucks and help wash down the food, it will also wash away sugars or acidic remnants inside your mouth that can weaken the enamel of your teeth and cause discoloration.

Keep a Reusable Water Bottle on Hand

Keeping a reusable water bottle nearby is a great way to remember stay hydrated and replenished. You can get a cute one from a local grocery store, or even an extravagant one from a high-end retailer. Buy whatever you like, so long as it gets the job done.

Apps to Track Intake

There are multiple free mobile apps available to track water intake. Many such apps allow users to input data (i.e., weight, height, average physical activity during the day, etc.) that can help the app discern the approximate amount of water the user needs to get their appropriate fill. Some apps even include achievements to unlock, giving users a challenge to encourage hydration and associate healthiness with fun.

Hopefully, these tips can help make drinking water seem more accessible. Hydration is an important step in a healthy lifestyle, so don’t hesitate to try these tips or any others you come by!

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