4 Inspiring Models Changing the Face of Beauty


A diverse world needs diverse models, and these four women are well on their way to taking over the fashion industry and changing the way society perceives beauty. These models–representing all different skin types, body types, and abilities–have paved the way for every woman to feel beautiful and confident in her own skin.

Take a look at these four inspiring models you need to know about:

Winnie Harlow

Chantelle Brown-Young, professionally known as Winnie Harlow, was diagnosed at age four with vitiligo–a skin condition that causes portions of skin to lose its pigment. Winnie has been changing the face of beauty since photographer and YouTube personality Shannon Boodram came across Winnie’s Facebook pictures and asked her to share her story in a video. This social media exposure led to her being discovered by Tyra Banks and allowed her to compete in the twenty-first cycle of America’s Next Top Model. Now, Winnie has over 1 million Instagram followers and is working with top international fashion photographers.

Jamie Brewer

In 2015 American Horror Story actress Jamie Brewer became the first model with Down syndrome to walk the runway in New York Fashion Week. She made her debut as part of designer Carrie Hammer’s Role Models NOT Runway Models campaign. The campaign featured a diverse group of women in a range of influential roles: Jamie was selected because she had been appointed to the State of Texas’ Arc Board at 19-years-old where she advocated for human rights for the disabled.

Jade Willoughby

Jade Willoughby is one of the few First Nation models in the industry. She decided she wanted to be a model when she was just 6-years-old, right before she got sick with a rare kidney disease that kept her in and out of hospitals for 13 years. Being one of the only First Nation models, Jade is paving the way for the future of Native beauty.

Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot is an plus-size, international Latina model who was the first plus-size model to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week. She advocates for curvy women and self-love and has become a leading figure for women of all sizes through her work for Forever 21, Target, and Lane Bryant, but Denise said it best herself: “There is no wrong way to be a woman.”

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