4 Exercises to Burn Stubborn Tummy Fat


A lot of people would like to have a flat stomach, but your stomach muscles are usually the hardest to tone. With the right exercises and motivation to workout (along with a healthy diet, of course) you can help lose fat and increase muscles in your stomach.   

Here are four exercises to help you lose that stubborn tummy fat:

1. Crunches

This exercise helps strengthen your abdominal muscles and, therefore, turn tightens your stomach. But crunches cannot be done by themselves to tone your abs, they must be done in conjunction with other strength training exercises and cardio.

2. Vertical Leg Risers

Vertical leg risers help to tone, tighten, and flatten a stomach. The best way to accomplish this exercise is to lay on your back and place your hands near your thighs and use your abdominal muscles to lift your legs upwards. It is best to do this exercise slowly, and to not lift or relax your legs too quickly.

3. Side Twists

This is a good exercise for people who prefer a less intense, but still effective exercise. Sit on the floor with your knees bent and slowly, with your arms together, rotate your arms and your torso from side to side. If you’re looking for a challenge, lift your feet slightly off the ground while performing this exercise.

4. Running

One of the most simple and most common exercises that can help your stomach fat go away is to running. This is a good exercise for sculpting your stomach muscles because cardio makes your heart rate elevate and helps you burn calories faster. Combine your run with strength training for a super effective exercise regimen.

Just remember that for all of these exercises (and working out in general) it is best to keep a consistent schedule in order to notice a distinct change in your stomach.

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