4 Amazing Tips to Boost Your Confidence


If you appear to be physically confident, others will believe that you are. When others fall for your “trick,” somewhere along the way the illusion turns into a reality and your false confidence suddenly becomes true confidence in yourself.

So how can you trick and yourself into being confident?

Simply follow these four easy steps:

1. Improve your posture.

If you walk around, stand, or sit, hunched over looking like a sack of potatoes, your body does not demand respect you deserve. A well-postured torso exudes confidence not only by how it looks, but sitting up straight also clears your mind and helps you feel more confident.

2. Have a strong handshake.

A firm (but not clenching) handshake is important in demonstrating confidence. If you daintily offer just your fingertips, what does that say about your assertiveness? That you’re not assertive, and that you’re too shy. Once you practice and master the art of a good handshake, the person on the receiving end will know that you are confident in yourself and your abilities even if in reality you’re really nervous or anxious.

3. Speak slowly and with purpose.

Speaking fast is the ultimate red flag for feelings of nervousness and anxiety. Not to mention, if your mouth is going a mile a minute people will not understand what you are saying even if your comments are thought-out and valid. When speaking, make sure to consciously pause here and there and speak slowly enough so that you can also connect with your listener(s).

4. Ground yourself.

When you are speaking to someone or are in a meeting, make sure you are not only mentally there, but physically present as well. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, and don’t bounce around or fidget too much. When rooted to the ground, you exude a calmer and more focused energy, and those around you will feel confident in you.

Start noticing these behaviors in yourself. Once you are aware of certain behaviors that negatively impact your self-confidence, you can begin to modify your own actions. After you’ve tricked yourself with these easy steps, you will realize not only how great you come off to others, but also how confident you feel in your own skin.

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Anna is a graduate of Loyola University Maryland Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in English and Theatre, Summa Cum Laude. She is an actor-singer, and her performing credits include the Hangar Theatre and Dramatic Adventure Theatre. She enjoys riding her bicycle, reading, and hearing other people's stories.

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