3 Ways to Get Your Daily Steps In


Life can be pretty busy which makes it harder for you to get in your weekly dose of exercise. If you don’t have a lot of time during the week to dedicate to working out, try adding little bouts of fitness into other activities in your day.

Here are three tips to make sure you get your steps in even during a busy schedule:

Walk Your Dog

People with animals have such an easy way to sneak steps into their busy schedule. When taking the dog out on a walk, make sure to walk at a pace that elevates your heart rate to get some proper cardio in. Any walk will do, even something as quick as a 10 minute walk around the block with your dog everyday can benefit you.

Jog in Place

Take some time during TV commercials to jog in place. Since commercial breaks aren’t that long, make sure to get intense in the minute or two when ads are rolling. If you are on a conference call at work or figuring out what to write for your class paper, jogging in place can be useful–not only in getting a workout but also to help clear your mind.  

Walk Instead of Drive

So many stores are close enough to neighborhoods and homes, so why not take advantage of the short distance and walk (instead of drive) while running errands. Walk to the grocery store to pick up that milk needed for breakfast tomorrow or power walk over to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription. If you can’t feasibly walk places, drive to shopping centers but park far away and walk to all the different stores as an alternative. Limiting your driving as much as reasonably possible can really help you get plenty of steps into your daily routine.

Having a busy schedule is definitely no excuse for being unable to get your daily steps in. Exercise is important in order to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. While these tips are only a few that can help you exercise daily without having to set aside specific workout time slots, there are many other ways to increase your step count. Get creative and figure out all the ways you can add walking into your daily schedule!

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