3 Tricks to Using Liquid Lipstick


Lipstick styles come and go, but some leave a permanent mark on the beauty world. One of these increasingly popular trends is liquid lipstick. These days, it’s impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing someone rocking a fierce liquid lip. Messing up the application is all too easy, but luckily there are tips and tricks to nail this look with minimal effort!

1. Use Concealer and Makeup Remover

Having makeup remover on hand is a must if you’re a liquid liner beginner. Staying within the lines of your lips (or even if you’re slightly overlining) can be extremely difficult, and one wrong swipe could sour the look. If the mistake is fresh, grab some makeup remover and gently wipe it away. Bonus tip: Apply concealer around the shape of your lips after applying liquid lipstick to help the color really pop.

2. Go Slow

Applying liquid lipstick is not a race. With more practice, it will get easier. Knowing the shape of your lips and getting the perfect lines can take time, so don’t be discouraged if you need to make several fixes the first few times you try to wear a liquid lip – especially the matte kind.

3. Give Lip Balm a Try

Nothing can ruin a perfect lip look like chapped lips. A few minutes before you apply liquid lipstick (if you’re doing a full face of makeup, do this at the beginning), swipe on some lip balm. By the time you’re ready to apply the lipstick, the balm will have had time to set into your lips and won’t affect the application. Feel free to dab on lip balm throughout the day when your lips are feeling dry.

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