3 Steps to Find Happiness


YOU are all you need to be happy. You don’t need anyone or anything else. People say all of the time that “money doesn’t buy happiness” and they’re right, but you know what? Nothing buys happiness. There’s nothing you need in order to be happy because true happiness is found from within.

People, money, objects and whatever else can definitely provide short term superficial happiness. They can make life easier and help lift your spirits, but depending on those things for all of your happiness leaves you open for the possibility that you may lose those things—and your happiness with them. You are the only constant in your life, so you need to be your biggest fan, loudest cheerleader, and most reliable supporter.

Don’t know how to start achieving happiness from within? Try out some of these tips to get you started:

1. Learn to laugh at yourself.

Chances are, you probably do something worthy of laughing at every day–you are only human after all. Once you stop taking yourself so seriously and start laughing at yourself, you will realize that puts a lot less stress on you to be perfect. No one is perfect, which means we all do stupid things worthy of laughing at sometimes. So allow yourself to mess up, give yourself permission to be a goofball, and laugh at yourself the whole time.

2. Accept everything about yourself.

Everyone has something they don’t particularly love about themselves, something they might change if given the opportunity; whether it’s crooked teeth, messy hair, or a weird mole, we all want to change something. However, can you imagine how much happier you might be if you just accepted those things?

You are lovely, every inch, just the way you are. Starting to love yourself for all of your imperfections makes it a little easier to smile through the hard times and be more satisfied and happier throughout everyday life.

3. Be your own best friend.

Who is the one person who can always make you smile when you are having a bad day? Your best friend. We all reach for our best friend when we need someone to make us happy when we’re sad, give us a confidence boost when we are feeling low, or get us through a hard time.

However, learning to be your own best friend can provide a more immediate and permanent source of happiness. You would have a constant supply of best friend support right inside your own head for easy access. It’s still great to have friends to reach out to when you need them, but the most reliable person to count on is yourself.

The most true, most consistent happiness is going to be the happiness you are able to find within yourself. So smile at the new day, laugh at yourself, accept who you are, and become your own best friend. You are the only one who has been there for yourself since day one. Be there for yourself now.

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