3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wear Makeup at the Gym


When you work out, you sweat–and when you sweat, your pores open up. If you’re wearing makeup at the gym your pores will become clogged with bacteria from foundation. While some women purposefully apply makeup before they workout, some end up leaving it on from when they had applied it earlier that day. Regardless of your makeup situation, here are three reasons why you should break the habit of wearing makeup at the gym:

1. Your Wallet

Makeup is expensive–especially foundation. If you put on makeup just to workout you will start to realize that you have to replace your products more often. Plus, you’ll really only have it on for 20-30 minutes before it starts to get messed up (and eventually wiped off) due to sweat. Save your dollars by putting makeup on only once a day.  

2. Your Skin

If your face starts breaking out, your workout makeup may be to blame. If you wear makeup while you workout and do not cleanse your skin properly immediately after, your skin will suffer tremendously. If you workout at the end of the day, wipe off your makeup with remover before hitting the gym. After exercising, even with a makeup-free face, try to remember to wash your face so that sweat does not clog your pores.

3. Your Self-Esteem

Many women put on makeup before they workout because they are self-conscious about their skin. No matter the form of exercise you prefer, it is important to remember that being healthy and bettering yourself is your focus in that moment, as it is for others around you. No one is paying attention to the pimples on your forehead or the redness on your cheeks. Without makeup, you won’t be afraid to push yourself and sweat. Without makeup you will feel empowered. Plus, your skin may even improve if you don’t wear makeup when you workout!

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