3 Reasons Cleaning Your Room is Good for Your Health


Despite how difficult it may seem to find the time in our busy lives to clean, it’s more important than you think: an organized space really does equal an organized mind and life.  What you may not realize is that the quality of the space around you is directly related to your quality of life and state of mind.  Here are some of the many benefits of taking time to finally declutter your space:

It will cut down time in your morning routine.  

Always knowing where your keys, chargers, and shoes are will get you out the door faster in the morning.  It’s simple: have a place for your things, and put them there every day.  Doesn’t that sound better than frantically running around at 7 a.m. digging through piles of clothes and stacks of papers?  It’s not just good for mornings though, organization will make everything in your life faster and easier.  Need to find a ponytail?  Right there in the ponytail drawer.  How about a pencil?  You guessed it–in the pencil case in the desk.  You have more important things to focus your energy on than trivial scavenger hunts.      

It will make you more productive.  

With a clear, designated space to do your work, free of distracting objects that will demand your attention, checking things off your lengthy to-do list will be easy.  Not to mention, being surrounded by unorganized chaos makes your mind feel just that–unorganized.  It’s difficult to focus on one thing when there’s so much happening around you! On top of that, you’re probably distracted by the thought of how desperately you need to clean up.  So all in all a clear workspace will increase your productivity and lessen your stress.

It will make you happier.  

Get rid of what you don’t need, and look how pretty your space becomes!  You deserve to be in a clean and comfortable environment that provides you with positive energy and makes you feel productive, peaceful, and happy.  With the dresser cleared off, there’s room for a vase of wildflowers and a candle in your favorite scent.  Clean up and organize your space to make it somewhere you want to be.  

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