3 Makeup Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older


Using makeup can be both positive and negative. While makeup can be used as a tool to enhance your physical features and cover up those pesky blemishes, if used incorrectly it can have the complete opposite effect and not give the fresh and youthful look you desires. The “aging” inflicted by makeup is usually contributed to overusing it incorrectly or using outdated techniques. Though aging is a beautiful and natural process in life, it should not be something that is self-caused by your morning makeup routine.

Mistake 1: Wearing the wrong shade of foundation

This is one of the most common mistakes of wearing makeup–oftentimes when a person is deciding on a makeup foundation, the shade they pick is either too dark or too light. The easy solution to this issue is when you are picking out makeup, pick the two closest shades to your complexion. Next apply them to various areas of your face including your jawline and cheek. Using a natural light, compare which one is the closest and purchase that one. The key to finding the perfect foundation is to examine them on your face in natural light in order to get the most accurate results. If you’re not sure, talk to a professional at a makeup counter to assist you.

Mistake 2: Choosing a dark color for eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most important and prominent features on a person’s face. That’s why choosing the right shade for your eyebrows is vital. Whether you are using a pencil or a brow kit to fill them in, choosing a darker color makes the eyebrow appear unnatural and make you look older. The trick here is to never use an eyebrow pencil that is darker than your eyebrow hair, choose a color that is slightly lighter. Additionally, when filling in your eyebrows, be sure to use gentle, light strokes as opposed to harsh, bold lines–this will make a huge difference!

Mistake 3: Skipping out on primer

After moisturizing, priming your skin is the next big step before you start your makeup application process. Most people to skip out on this step because they are either not familiar with priming or they don’t understand the importance. Primer is the bridge between good skincare and good makeup: it serves as the base for your makeup and creates a smoother and hydrated surface that will hold your makeup in place for a longer period of time. Do some research on the best primer for your skin and try it out–you will definitely notice a difference in the appearance of your skin and your face as it will enhance your youthful, natural beauty.

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