3 Foods That Can Cure Your Dry Skin


We all struggle with dry skin from the cold weather. Luckily, there are many foods that can help us combat the harsh conditions on our skin.  Face masks that are bought at the drugstore tend to have a lot of chemicals and can be rough on your face–depending on your skin type. But homemade masks are all-natural and easy to make.

Try out one of these ingredients to make your own face mask for dry skin:


Bananas are great to use because they moisturize your skin and leave your face feeling smooth. Simply mash up a banana and apply it to your face to start seeing the benefits. I would recommend adding honey into the mixture to make it stay on your face a little better. Plus, honey has anti-inflammatory and healing properties to take care of any wind burn.  


Oatmeal-based masks are very popular because, as anyone who has taken an oatmeal bath before will know, they are incredibly soothing and moisturizing. To make your own oatmeal mask mix warm water with some oatmeal in order to create a paste to apply on your face.  


If you have some eggs about to expire but have no desire to cook and eat them, use them to moisturize your dry face. Apply just the yolk to really dry and peeling areas of your skin. Let the egg sit on your face until it hardens and then rinse with warm water. Follow by an oil moisturizer–like avocado or jojoba oil–to seal in the moisture.


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