3 Easy Ways to Fix Dry, Damaged Hair


So your hair hasn’t been feeling the best lately. You’ve probably dyed and bleached it too much and it’s starting to break and split. Or it could be dried out from the cheap products you’ve been using. You might be so tired of the mess that is your hair that you want to chop it all off.

While in some cases cutting off all your hair might actually be a good option because you’d be letting go of damage and completely start over, there are also other routes you can take if you’re not quite ready to make a big change.

Check Ingredients in Your Hair Products

The first step to healthier hair is to remove all chemical products from your cleaning and styling routine. This means that you need to become a little more aware about the ingredients in your products. I know it may seem like a hassle to remember to check and research the first five ingredients in your shampoo or conditioner, but it’s super important to. There are brands that get away with putting harmful ingredients in their products because no one cares to check for them. Sodium lauryl sulfate, for example, is found in many shampoos and it is an ingredient commonly found in laundry detergent. For other chemicals to look out for, check out our helpful list.

Of course, products don’t work the same for everyone, but a great rule of thumb is if your hair isn’t very healthy right now is to check out the ingredients you’re putting on your hair because they are most likely contributing to the damage. Swap them out with natural and organic products for best, and healthiest results.

Consider Trimming Your Hair

Before you freak out about cutting your hair, remember that trimming does not mean a big chop. It’s tough being on the journey to grow long hair, but if you have ends that are split, jagged, and uneven, trimming off the dead stuff is a great way to start repairing your damaged hair.

Trimming is essential to healthy hair growth and isn’t something you should be afraid of. You can trim however much you want at any time, though the longer you wait, the worse the damage can become.

Maintain and Improve Your Hair’s Balance

The balance between moisture and protein for your hair can be lost to a lot of people who don’t know that such a thing exists. Basically, your hair is made up of protein; that is what keeps the hair strong. When you do harmful things such as heat style (flat iron, curling iron, etc.) or dye/bleach hair or relax it, this can break down the protein in your hair until it becomes limp and lifeless. This is why it is important to implement moisture into your routine. Deep conditioning and moisturizing your hair is an absolute must to balance out the dryness and damage. Protein treatments are also helpful for those who suffer from heavy shedding and breakage because this will keep hair strong.

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