10 Gym Bag Essentials


Whether your gym bag is the size of a small purse or large enough to fit the family dog inside, your bag is not complete without these 10 items. They provide comfort, promote healthy hygiene, and can keep you dedicated to your workout. Before you pack your next gym bag, make sure you have these essentials.

1. Hair Ties

While the gym may not be the place for a full “do,” it does come in handy to keep your hair in place. Wayward hairs can be frustrating, and they can easily get caught on equipment or clothing items.

2. Lip Balm

When you work up a sweat, you are dehydrating your cells, including the cells on your lips. Your lips can become painfully chapped during and after a workout, so make sure to protect them.

3. Face Wash

If you’re not going to be home right after your gym run, it’s important to make sure you have face wash. Washing your face after a sweat session will make sure that your pores don’t get clogged. Plus, it’ll keep the skin on your face feeling fresh even after a hard workout.

4. Body Spray

Try and cover up some of that post-workout stink with a nice smelling body spray. While you would think this would be a no-brainer, sometimes this items gets forgotten about. Make sure you have some deodorant in there too!

5. Extra Headphones

Even if it’s a cheap pair of earbuds, it’s best to have a backup for your music. No one wants to listen to some guy grunt through chest presses because you forgot your headphones at home!

6. Extra Socks

It may seem silly, but changing your socks can actually relieve swelling, pressure, pain, and reduce your risk of athlete’s foot. Clean socks not only feel better, but they are better for the health of your feet.

7. Band-Aids

No one wants to get injured, especially not at the gym. But accidents happen. Sometimes a hangnail becomes apparent while you’re on the treadmill, or you realize that cut from shaving your leg has reopened. Band-Aids keep cuts and scrapes covered from the threat of infection.

8. Hand Sanitizer

Found in liquid, foam, and wipe form, hand sanitizer works to aid against your chances of infection and exposure to illnesses. All kinds of bacteria can build up on gym equipment, despite the best efforts of gym staff. Protect yourself with some trusty sanitizer in your bag.

9. Reusable Water Bottle

Dehydration can be a powerful reason to end a workout early. And who wants to wait to use a water fountain or leave your machine and equipment for a few minutes? Simply carry a reusable water bottle to limit your carbon footprint and keep your body moving!

10. Hand Towel

The helpful staff at gyms do clean the equipment, machines, and mats on a regular basis, but there is no need to make their jobs any harder than necessary. A hand towel can be used to wipe down equipment before and after use, or a towel can be used on your face and hands when you really work up a sweat. 

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